Benefits of Soywax Candles


Soybean candle wax is the first innovation in the candle making industry in the last 100 years and when you see the benefits you will agree that it is the most exciting thing to happen to candles since they were invented.

Soy candles are clean burning with no sooty residue, have a low melting point, which means they burn cool. This allows their pleasant aromas to quickly scent the air. Made from a renewable resource, using no petroleum-based paraffin, the candles are available in many wonderful scents.

Soy bean candles will be very helpful for the American Farmer. When soybean candles represent just 10% of the existing candle market, it will require an additional 55 million pounds of American grown Soybean oil.

The following information has been provided by NGI, a prominent soy wax manufacturer:

Econowax TM (Soybean Candle Wax)

  • Is made, beginning with a pure, 100% natural soybean base and complimented with botanical oils.
  • Is a non-petroleum renewable resource Is biodegradable and so safe it's components are edible (not recommended).
  • Generally burns 2 to 3 times longer and cooler than paraffin wax candles.
  • Burns clean, with reduced carbon build-up.
  • Is environmentally friendly, promoting the growth and care of the environment by utilizing soy bean plants. Contributes to the reduction of our dependency on crude oil.
  • Is made predominantly from domestically grown crops supporting U.S. farmers and economy. Makes it possible for everyone to do something good for themselves and the environment by enjoying candles made from soy beans.